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Living a Life of Intention

Jonah was a small-town boy who had grown up with very few expectations of himself or his life. Everyone around him seemed to judge but never really got to know him, and this made Jonah feel like he wasn't good enough. He found himself in an uncomfortable place of constantly having to prove that he was worth more than people thought he was.

One day, as Jonah looked in the mirror and felt discouraged by what he saw, something inside him sparked a change: if people were going to judge him anyway, why not make sure they judged on his terms? From then on, Jonah decided that rather than trying to be someone else's version of perfect, he would live according to his own values and intentions no matter what others said or thought about it.

The transformation didn't happen overnight; it took time for Jonah to find the courage within himself to break free from the grip of society's judgemental standards. But eventually, little by little with each passing day, things began changing - both inside and out - until one evening when everything clicked into place and suddenly everything felt right again.

As soon as this happened, something else became clear too: while it is true that when you judge another person you define yourself instead of them – so does living your life intentionally instead of letting other people determine your fate! So choose wisely – because only you can decide where you go from here…One of Intention or one of Judgement..

I Choose Intention


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