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My Father Said...

My Father Said..

Bruce had always been a dreamer, and his father knew it. Growing up with an adventurous spirit, Bruce was determined to live life on his own terms--something his old-fashioned dad didn't approve of. He wanted nothing more than to pursue the path he'd set out for himself and make something of himself that would make him proud.

Unfortunately, as much as Bruce tried, every time he made progress towards achieving his goals, his father seemed to be there standing in the way with a disapproving look on his face and stern words about how "no son of mine will ever do such things." It felt like no matter what Bruce did or said, it wouldn't be good enough for Dad; the man just couldn't accept that times were changing and so must people's attitudes.

But then one day something changed forever when Dad came home from work looking sadder than usual. Sitting down at the dinner table after finishing their meal together he said softly but firmly: "No son of mine is going to settle for anything less than greatness". This time it wasn't disapproval ringing through those words but rather prideful encouragement instead - even if another person might have missed this change in tone entirely - not Bruce! His heart jumped because he could feel what lay beyond those simple yet powerful words: unconditional love and support from someone who truly believed in him no matter where life took him next!

From that moment forward Bruce was unstoppable! He worked hard each day towards achieving success by following both passion & purpose while never forgetting lessons learned growing up around an old-fashioned father who simply wanted only the best for his son regardless of whether or not they agreed on everything else. And although they still argued over various topics now & again just like any other family does - deep down inside they both knew that love conquers all in the end - especially between fathers & sons!


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