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Live Every Day Like It's Friday: The Ultimate Lifestyle for Balance Seekers

Many people ask me, Bruce what does "Living Everyday Like Friday Look Like or What is it" Let me break this down into Five Parts.

What if the relief and excitement of a Friday could be felt every single day? Imagine waking up each morning with the same eager anticipation for what lies ahead, knowing that the day is yours to shape, just like on Fridays when the weekend beckons. It's a lifestyle design that's not just a fleeting fantasy, but a viable way of living that's inspired by the philosophy of "I Get To vs. I Have To." This is the Friday Lifestyle.

For many, Fridays symbolize the end of a long workweek and the beginning of personal time. It's the precipice where the obligations of employment gently fall away, and the freedom of choice rules supreme. The Friday Lifestyle captures this essence and extends it to every day, advocating a life lived by design rather than by default. Let's dive in below.

The Friday Mindset

The most crucial aspect of the Friday Lifestyle is the shift in mindset from feeling obligated to feeling privileged. That means changing "I have to" into "I get to." It's about viewing daily activities – whether work or leisure – as opportunities and blessings.

This isn’t just a mental exercise; it’s an emotional and practical shift. It's about identifying what ignites passion within you and aligning your daily actions with that spark. It’s realizing that we all have a choice, even if sometimes it seems like we don’t. We can choose our reactions, how we approach our work, and find balance even amidst chaos.

A Day in the Friday Lifestyle

Imagine a typical day that mirrors a Friday's flexibility and joy. You wake up at a time that feels natural—early enough to enjoy the quiet morning hours but without the blare of an insistent alarm. The first thought that crosses your mind is an eager "I get to," whether it's working on a project you love, engaging with family and friends, or dedicating time to a cherished hobby.

You've sculpted your schedule to ensure periods of productivity coincide with when you feel most energetic and creative, and downtime is treated with equal importance. Exercise, leisurely coffee breaks, reading, or meditation are not rushed afterthoughts—they are integral, non-negotiable parts of your day.

Even work is transformed. It's not a count-down to the weekend but an expression of your skills and passions, with tasks viewed as building blocks for your dreams and goals rather than mere obligations.

The Lifestyle of Freedom

The Friday Lifestyle is synonymous with lifestyle freedom. It challenges the traditional 9-to-5 structure, urging a more flexible approach that prioritizes well-being and happiness. It's what work-life balance seekers yearn for—a harmony between career, personal growth, and play.

Remote work, freelancing, and entrepreneurial endeavors provide the framework for this freedom, but the concept isn’t exclusive to these paths. It's about leveraging flexibility in any situation and advocating for a balanced life irrespective of your job title.

Creating Your Friday Life

To turn every day into Friday, start small by identifying what you enjoy about Fridays and consider how you can integrate those elements into your weekdays. Communicate with employers about flexible working arrangements or explore career paths that align better with the Friday Philosophy.

Discard the guilt associated with taking time for yourself during the week and elevate your needs to the same priority level as your work. Reallocate ‘I have to’ moments as ‘I get to’ opportunities. Remember, it’s not just about leisure—it's about living authentically and intentionally every day, and seeing the potential for growth and joy in every task.

In Conclusion

The Friday Lifestyle isn't about escapism; it's about embracement. It’s for positive thinkers and those desiring true lifestyle freedom. This approach lays the foundation for a life where passion, purpose, and play intermingle seamlessly, where every day is greeted with the same enthusiasm, vivacity, and potential as Friday.

We get to live this life once; why not make it a perpetual Friday?

If you want to lean more let me know you saw read this blog and I will give a FREE 30 minute session.

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