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There Is Reward In Failure

Your asking, "Bruce what are you talking about that there is Reward in Failure"!! Have you lost your mind?

You look at all the Success Stories out there and it seems like wow those people are so lucky. Really, if you only knew the failures along the way they experienced before gaining the slightest Success or that turning point. A young actor living in a run down apartment, in a seedy area of New York City, sleeping on the floor, hearing gun shots and sirens night after night and leaving his window slightly open so he could hear the phone ring, in the phone booth on the sidewalk underneath him ring as that is the only way he could get messages from his agent on auditions he had been to. Yes that was the phone number he gave out to his agent or casting agents as he did not have money for his own phone line. Hearing the phone ring and running down stairs again and again only to hear, "Sorry kid they are going in a different direction". Almost ready to give up he hears the phone ring and again running down to the side walk to answer that phone and his agent says "Kid you got your shot"!!!

You see that was a turning point, but the phone was almost not answered as he was not ready to hear "Kid they are going in a different direction". That one last phone call launched him into a TV Sitcom called "Family Ties' as the brash Alex Keaton and that launched Michael J. Fox into what became multiple Movie's including 3 Back To The Future Movies Directed by Steven Spielberg and more.

My question to you is this? Have you gone to enough auditions, have you presented your product or services enough times, have you scheduled out and promoted your next open house. You may be be one audition or one presentation away that could change everything for you. I am telling you that there is Reward in Failure, nothing is supposed to be easy. Do you have to be an Expert or a Master to receive the Rewards? NO but you at least have to start moving in that direction to perfect what you have to offer. It does not have to be perfect to Start, you just have to decide to Start!!!

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