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Are You Being Intentional

Are you just putting in the hours to be Average or are you being Intentional about the hours. There is a big difference and let me give you an example. You have looked at your personal bottom line and decided more money is needed. Do you say to yourself "I need to Make more money" or do you say "I need to Earn more money". You see you can be average and Make more money just maybe putting in More hours or you can develop an Intentional Attitude and decide to Earn more money and work less hours. To Earn More Money it is not about the hours but about what you are willing to Risk. Are you willing to Risk sometime with your family or something you like doing in order to go to that seminar to learn a better way or set time aside to Read a book that will develop more Mental Muscle to Become more. Are you willing to give up some Sports Time on T.V. in order to dedicate some time to developing your new Skill. Are you willing to Risk developing a more Disciplined Attitude at work to Become More Valuable, give up on the Office Gossip, the Idle Chit Chat that has no value and only steels valuable learning time. Are you willing to Risk giving up on some friendships that do not challenge you to become better. The saying goes if you are the smartest person in the room then you are in the Wrong Room. The

decision is pretty easy. Decide to be Intentional and Earn More or decide to stay Average and Work More Hours. Decide to #BeTheException

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