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Get Into The You Economy

If you are in a traditional type of Job meaning you punch a clock in then out you are in for some big surprises and if you do not pay attention you will wake up one day and say what happen.

You see several years ago some Young Entrepreneurs from various backgrounds were sick and tired of the same way you book a hotel, get transportation, go shopping, etc. Now with a push of the button on your phone you have access to any products, goods, or services you want and it just a click away. You do not have to deal with lines in stores, rude retail clerks, traffic, or over priced under serviced hotels, dirty rude taxi drivers or over priced black cars. The largest Transportation company owns NO vehicles, the largest company in Hospitality owns no Hotels, and largest company that sells everything from Books, to Slippers does not have Mall address.

Times are changing and disruptions are on the way. There are innovative young minds out their right now thinking of ways to disrupt our marketplaces more and here is the good and bad news. I do not care where you work or what you do, innovation and disruption is coming and what you do now may not be there 5 years from now or hell maybe 2 years from now. Everyone thought UBER was a crazy idea back in 2008 now they have Market Cap of 50 Billion Dollars. The people who think this and other innovations wont happen again will be caught flat footed. Technology Innovation is changing at a rapid rate.

Here is some good news. You have some skill and talent to participate in the You Economy right now on a part-time basis that could lead to full-time income but you have to start thinking now, think what you passion is, what are you good at, what do you like to do and can you get paid for it. The time to start thinking is now, the time act is NOW!! In less than 30 minutes I can share my insights on what is happening because folks it is changing everyday.

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