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A Disruptive Force Part 1

Things seem different. You may have noticed others around you changing the way they work. Cars disappearing from the company parking lot. Cubicles sitting empty. Family members mysteriously earning more money. Friends suddenly having free time in the middle of the week. They’ve all taken ownership of their future.

“To really get yourself on the road to financial freedom,” says author and success coach Tony Robbins, “the first step really is deciding you’re no longer just going to be a consumer. You’re going to be an owner…. You’ve got to decide, instead of being the chess piece, I’m going to become the chess player.”

Today the chess players, as Robbins calls them, are all part of the YouEconomy, the growing global network of people who are taking the future of work into their own hands. They’re sharing resources and technology, taking gigs through job sites, creating freelance businesses and innovating methods of generating income. Folks in the YouEconomy are applying their experience in new ways, learning new skills and tapping into endless resources for training and support. They’re designing their lives, carving out time for family and building professions based on their passions. Along the way, the friends they’re making, people they’re meeting and places they’re seeing are enriching their lives beyond what they thought was possible.

Related: Watch this short video that explains what is happening:

They’re living the way they want, doing the things they want and making as much money as they want in the bargain.

“I knew I was doing the right thing. I finally had control of who I worked with and what I worked on. I finally had control of my own life.”

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