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You Have To Start Somewhere

What if a change in your life could begin with a tiny first step. It's just a step, maybe it's a how to book, maybe it's a walk around the block to start to get in shape, maybe it's taking a class to improve or learn a new skill.

Remember humans are unique. As Jim Rohn says we have the capacity to change in a new direction any time we choose. East, West, North, South, any direction we want. We are not "Ducks" the genetic code does not dictate where we can go. The only thing holding you back is you!!! The little enemies in your head saying Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow. Look you only have so many tomorrows, why not start today because it is already here do not waste it on tomorrow.

All great ideas started with a single step. The device I am using to type this, the device in your hand while you read this, all started with a single step. So my question to you is "Why Not You".

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