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Believe In Yourself

To often times we limit where we want to go because we are looking or waiting for validation of others. I have news for you IT'S NOT COMING SO GET OVER IT!!

The time you spent waiting for the validation you could be half way to one of your 3 more important goals. It all starts and ends with YOU!!! I could put you in front of 5 of the most successful people in the world and you could ask each of them "Why I'm I Not Successful". I can pretty much guarantee they would all have the same answer for you and that would be this, "I do not know why you are not successful, have you asked yourself that question yet".

Success is in all of us, we were born with it, a Seed of Greatness was planted in our Heart before we took our first breath. It is not your circumstances, where you born, who your parents are, or where you live. It is YOU!!! Don't tell me you do not have an education because I could show you a young lady who only has a High School Education, who decided to stay behind after she graduated from high school while her parents moved out of state. She lived in the parents old vacant house while it was for sale, slept on the floor and got a job as a "Kelly Girl". She never went to college, but as she was given a chance to prove herself she just decided to be the best she could at each step she was given. Starting out sleeping on the floor in a vacant house, working as a Temp she now runs a Sales/Marketing organization for a large USA Corporation in the greater Western Region of the United States earning over six figures a year. So i ask this, Why Not You!!

So I tell this, If you Believe In Yourself then you have 100% of the people you need on your side. Wake Up, Get Up, Stand Up, and make it happen. I will give you a head start, If you are reading this, "I Believe In You".

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