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The Power Of Words

Have you ever had that moment when you said something, and as soon as it comes out of your mouth you say "I wish I would have not said that"

As children growing up we used to hear "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me". How many times did you hear this as a child. I heard it far to many times and the fact is this statement is completely WRONG!!! Words do hurt, they have a lasting impact, even as children the words we hear and the words we say start to shape our Character.

Just think for a moment what an impact you can have if you were to speak words of encouragement and inspiration into someone. They may be telling you something very negative in their lives but you can help turn that around by asking one simple question. Just ask them to think of a time when they were the most happy, get them to start talking about that moment and sharing those moments and reinforcing that happy time. They may have some work to do on something negative in their life but at least you have shown them the Power of Thought and Words, remembering a happier time, a place they can retreat to when the negative words come their way.

My parents were married for 35 years before my dad passed away, I was with them for 22 of those 35 years. In all that time I was with them I NEVER heard a Harsh word spoken between the two of them. I am sure they had their arguments but never in front of me. They knew they had a greater responsibility in the Gift they had been given and it was their responsibility as my Birth Parents to shape me.

I am asking you today no matter what may be bothering you to Think of that Happy Time, find time to close your eyes and go to that Happy Time and retreat into that moment and remember "Your Words Can Work Miracles".

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