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Persistence Is The Key

Here is we marvel at the Rivers that run through our Canyons and Countrysides. They did not just happen!! Over time these Rivers had to be Persistent that this is where they wanted to go and they kept pushing, pounding, and driving their way through rock and dirt in order to create what we see today. The beauty is that they are still creating new paths along the same journey carving out new opportunities of travel. Think about that as you are working your businesses, be that River that decides on a Direction and then be relentless on your destination.

Not everyone will say Yes!! Not every rock gave way to the river at first so the river just keeps looking for continuing opportunities to grow which creates the beauty of all the curves and downward slopes we see. Remember No's just mean Not Yet!! The same water does not run in the same river so when new water comes by parts of the canyon that said No at first say Yes now because they want to be part of something great and the beauty of it all. Someone may not say Yes to you, but someone in your organization comes along and the Past No becomes a Yes because now they see and the want to be part of the greatness. Push Forward, Be Persistent, #BeTheException

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