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Greatness vs. Average

The difference between having a Hall of Fame Career and Average is simple. It's what you do when everyone else has gone home or is not looking.

Whether in Business or Sports this is the attitude that separates average and greatness. It's taking extra practice when your other team mates have gone home. The extra study of the game plan, making that one more phone call, pushing yourself to give that one more presentation, reading the 10 pages of a good book when everyone is watching TV. Greatness is something you earn and like anything great there is a price to pay. You are here because you decided you are tired of being Average.

Athletes study Hall of Fame careers of past players to learn what it takes, Business People study and model Success People. You do not have to re-write the script, it has already been done for you. It all comes down to whether or not you are willing to pay the price. You are not guaranteed anything in life with the exception giving it your best shot. Forget about what people might say. It's your life, your legacy, your destination, why not just give it all you can.

There is not Hall of Fame Ceremony for Average

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