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It Requires A Decision

Have you ever had those moments when you wake up or your going about your day and you are looking around at all the creations around you and you say, "One Day I"..... but then nothing happens and the next day comes and the same question is still there.

I believe the difference between those that just get up and go about their day and those that go out and create is simple. The person who creates got up one day and said I've had it I am not going to live like this anymore and then they made a decision and the decision was, "Day One Lets Go Do This"!!! After Day One they never look back, they keep moving forward because they know what is behind them and they do not and will not go back.

Sometimes the motivation to get started on a new path is as simple as a few words such as, "Day One" because that leads to "I'm Glad I Did" instead of "I Wish I Had". If you are on the fence about something, an idea, or an opportunity you have been presented, look at your calendar right now and decide on "Day One" and never look back!!!! You can be the Exception

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