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The Two Most Powerful Words

The two words come in many forms, Your Special, You Rock, Your Appreciated, Most Thankful, etc. at the end of the day the meaning is the same and it is the most powerful, especially if you are the one receiving the two words

It does not take much to say it, just two words, it does not cost much to buy the card with the words on it, and it certainly does not cost much to send it. Why as humans is so hard for us to say them? It has always been a mystery to me, two simple words that and make someone's day, to turn darkness into light, to let someone know they are appreciated, that because you went the extra mile for them it changed things for them. So simple to do but yet on a daily basis there are thousands of missed opportunities to say the two words that can change everything for someone or a group.

I know what it does for me when I receive these two words. It puts a smile on my face, it helps me stand up straight, it brings more clarity to my day, I walk with a stepped up influence, all because someone took the time to express the two words. Today is Sunday, it is a day where we should take time for thought and sober refection on our week and who has impacted our week in a positive way. It only takes a moment to reflect, to think, and then to say or send those two words. Think about what it feels like when you receive these two words and how it makes you feel. Now it is your Turn!!!

My challenge to you this coming week is how many times can you use these two words to impact someone. Easy to Do of Course, Easy Not To Do, Yes, which will you choose. Come on it Two Words. Below is an example of two words that were sent to me that highlighted my week.


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