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Are You A Victim

You can learn from the past but you do not have to live in the past. You have to proclaim victory over the past failures and defeats and tell yourself you are gifted and talented and that there is a master plan for you that is taking shape.

Remember the future is not in your past it is in front of you. It is like a Long Distance Runner He/She Does not look back behind them, they have already been there, the finish line is in front of them not behind them. Life is the same way. You future is in front of you not behind. It is choice, looking forward keeps you moving forward. Life is a lot like sports you have to move down the field of play or court in order to score your points similar to reaching your goals. You lay out the game plan, you execute the plan, make adjustments along the way but Always Looking Forward Never Backward. Can we learn from past mistakes, of course but we do not need to continue to live there.

Having a Victim Mentality will only keep you where you are and keep you from reaching your destination. Everyday should be that step forward and remember to celebrate each small success, reward yourself with something you like or like to do. Celebrate achieving that goal or getting one step closer and also take time to reflect closing off distractions and having that encouraging word with you. It is a Small Step Everyday That Makes All The Difference.

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