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It's About Your Belief System or Lack Of Them

If you want to achieve more then sometimes you have to learn how to navigate yourself and your thoughts through rough Mental Seas.

You go to bed wanting more and you wake up wanting more but what are you doing about it each day to achieve it. Sometimes you have to travel and navigate the Rough Seas to find the Big Fish and I do not necessarily mean prospects or clients but I mean Opportunity. How badly do you want it, or are you just willing to settle, if you are going to just settle then be satisfied where you are because it will be no one's fault but yours, not the Government, not your Boss, not your Job but You.

As Jim Rohn put it best "Sometimes People Cheat Themselves Out of Great Opportunity" and that is completely true. If you give up make sure you are prepared to look your family square in the face and tell them that you Give Up, make sure you can rest well with the knowledge that you Gave Up. Life is full of Push Backs, think of all the marvelous things and technology we have right now. Someone had to have the Idea to create it. What if they would have Given Up at the first Push Back. You would not have this Blog in front of you, You would not have that magical connection device in your hands right now that connects you globally, and you would be forced to know where you are going or how to read a map without some nice female voice coming over your speaker system telling you when to turn and what road to travel.

Life is full of Push Backs and as one of my dear Friends says it is time to "Suck It Up Butter Cup" and time to Push Back yourself. You have to get real with yourself and decide to Mentally say "Player Get Out of My Way" it's time for me to move on, stay here in the calm seas if you wish but over those waves is a New Day and a New Opportunity and I am Going, now Step Aside.

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