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What Follows Your I Am


If you are wondering why you are not where you thought you would be it is more than likely not what you are doing but rather what you are saying about yourself. The words you Speak to Yourself can either Promote your Future or Curse Your Future. You may ask, Bruce is it as simple as that, and I would say YES!! Until you start to have better conversations with yourself nothing will change. No one can come sprinkle magic dust over you and change who you are and where you are. Change starts with you and what you say to yourself. Whether you are looking at yourself in the mirror or having those thought conversations with yourself while driving down the road you have to start Professing your Future. Here is the great thing will occur as well. Once you start to change the I Am words for yourself you will be able to do the same for others. What would it mean to a close friend or family member if you can show them the Power of I Am and how it changed things for you and how it continues to offer change. You can Wish and Hope all you want but until you begin to have better conversations with yourself everything will remain the same. If you want to change then change the words that follow I Am. Before people will believe in you, you have to start to believe in yourself. This 4 min. Can Change what you say to yourself.

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