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Give Yourself Permission

In the world of technology that we live in today we have so many things coming at us at a rapid pace. e-mail, instant messages, all the social media we subscribe to because we feel the need to be informed and up to date.

The problem with this is that unless you have the capacity to sift through the nonsense it is extremely hard to find and pay attention to the things of real value. The more we are bombarded with the nonsense the more negative we can become. Here is what I suggest as you are sifting through what is coming at you. Think for a minute of the Value It Brings to you. If what you are reading or watching is not bringing true value to you or moving you forward in a positive way then delete and perhaps unsubscribe to that feed. You have the power to decide what comes at you and what does not.

Give Yourself Permission to Create a New YES in your life. Yes to new opportunities and possibilities, Yes to new positive role models and mentors, Yes to Books and material that is going to move you forward that helps create the Abundance Mindset, Yes to the possibilities of a New and Better Way. There is No time better than right now to Create a New Yes in your life but first you have to give yourself Permission to say NO to what does not move you forward and YES to all the new information that will come your way based on Giving Yourself Permission to Say YES!! Use technology to move you forward not to bring you down or keep you where you are. You have the capacity to create an Influence that has a Global Reach, why not have it be something Positive and start that New Legacy Second to None. It Starts with Giving Yourself Permission.

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