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Is Your Possible Defined Yet

Have you thought about this yet? Have you given any thought to a New Possible You? If you have not maybe some quiet "Sober Reflection" is necessary as Jim Rohn would say, and start the New Defining Process.

It might be just that one thing that lights the spark or maybe a combination, but at least spend a few moments to define it. Perhaps it is time to break from the Standard you are used to and Set a New Standard.

We tend to put self imposed limits on ourselves based upon the Normal instead of looking ahead and seeing What is Possible. The self imposed limitations could because of what you read, watch, or listen to. Could a New Possibility be Defined just by changing what we read, watch and who we listen to? I say Of Course and besides what do you have to lose, but the more important question is what do you have to Gain?

Henry Ford once said when they were in the beginning stages of building the Automobile if you asked people about a New Standard they would have said, "Faster Horses". You see they would have identified with what the Standard was not What was possible. Sometimes you have to look beyond where you are in order to Define The New Possible. A new Definition is Possible and you can write the script.

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