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Life Is A Teacher

Recently I had to make two long road trips, in total about 3200 miles. During that time much of the drive time was at night and I find that is the best time for me as it gives me the best time to reflect on 3 things. Where I was, Where I am Now, and Where I Want to Go.

Yes, Life is a Teacher it can bring you down but it can also bring you Up. One thing I have learned while rotating around the Universe is that everything that has happen to me is due to decisions that I have made and not accepting ownership only prolongs the disappointment that I created. Life Can Be A Lesson Plan and the best thing is that I alone have the power to Create the Lesson Plan, and you can to. You Should Never Settle For Less Than What You Can Be. If you do than you are accepting someone else's lesson plan.

We are all given the gift to Create. As I drive down that highway in the Dark of Night I have removed all distractions, no radio playing just me and the feel and sounds of the open road, my mind becomes a Creative Machine of the possibilities that await me, if I just spend time on My Lesson Plan. Have you just said to yourself, "If I Can Just Get Through The Day" well the next time you find yourself saying that to yourself I would suggest your Lesson Plan needs an adjustment, what has occurred during the day that would cause you to feel that way? Whatever that is let it be your Power Moment to say, "Never Again I am Going To Allow This Type Of Day To Occur". that is the day where you say "No More Just Get By Days, I Choose To Get FROM The Days", to start the design process for an Abundant Life for me and my family. This my friends can put the Miracle Lesson Plan in place.

Remember the person who will tell you the Truth is the one who looks back at you in Mirror. Yes Life is A Teacher, why not Make it the Best Teacher you have ever had.

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