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The Spectator Seats

Are you viewing SUCCESS from a Distance or are you in the Game. Here is what I mean by this. Many of us and (I used to be one of them) would go to a live sporting event and sit in the stands or, Cheap Seats most times and Cheer on my Favorite Team and I would be passionate about it. Live and Die emotionally from the Action or Inaction of my Team.

Then it dawned on me one day and it was pointed out by one of my mentors. The reason I was not doing well was because I was not In The Game, meaning the Success Game. I was only engaged in rooting from the Cheap Seats of the Success of Others instead of Rooting for Myself. Let me tell it to you this way, 60,000 people will pack a stadium to watch Gifted Athletes who have worked long and hard hours, training and, perfecting their skill to perform, however most of those people sadly will not pick up a Book, go to a Seminar, or schedule an Online Training program to be Better Than They Are. Why, because the view from the Cheap Seats are EASY!

Heck many of them can not even afford the better ground level front row seats and they wonder why, or say "I wish I could sit down their but it is to Expensive". NO you just can't afford it, and your not doing anything to improve your chances. Hey even if you do you are still cheering on someone else's Success. Don't get me wrong I like a good sporting event like anyone else I just choose not to Consume myself with it. I choose to Study, Perfect, and Perform better at what I do. Yes I am my own Cheerleader and I willing to be Your Cheerleader to but you have to decide to "Lace em Up With ME and Get In The Game". How about you? It's 10 pages a day of a Good Book, 30 minutes a week on an online Success Training program, plugging into FREE online Success Mentors!! Yes I said FREE.

I have two online Success Mentors. One I plug into daily, the other I plug into once a week. Their combined Wealth and Lifestyle would amaze you, but here is the key. They are willing to help you and they are willing to do it for FREE!! If you want to know who these people then e-mail or Private Message Me and I will gladly share because they are more than willing to help if you are willing to Plug In. Stop Sitting In The Spectator Seats.

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