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The Decision Is Yours

Certain stepping stones throughout your adult life and career choices will require Decisions. Make no mistake about it, the Decisions will help define who you are and how you may or may not influence others. Remember you Own the Decisions You Make.

On the other side maybe you will allow others to make Decisions for you, and make no mistake about it, if your are successful they will be the first to stand up and take credit for your Success. Fail and they join the Witness Protection Program. You still have to Own It. So is it fair that you have to Own the Decisions that others make for you? Absolutely because it still requires a Decision on your part to say YES or NO.

Remember this, Success is not Measured with Good Intentions, it is Measured against Results. Failure is OK as it is a part of the Success journey but at least let the Failures be made against the Decisions you make and NOT the Decisions you allow others to make for you. Life is full of Decisions and you can not run and hide as life is not made up that way. For every failure, life will present you New Opportunities but you have to Look Up as they may pass you right by. Do not let the Fear of Failure Scare you, Let it Motivate and Drive you to exciting New Levels of Opportunity and Success.

The moment you Hold you Head down may be the time the Opportunity or Idea will blow past you like a gentle breeze and once it passes it's gone. Yes the Decision is Yours.

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