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Before You Give Permission

Maybe you are already on the Journey or maybe you are thinking of that New Journey of Growth and Opportunity. Either way you are going to have a lot coming your way and now the decisions start whether are not to Give Permission.

Whether you think so or not each day you grant Permission for certain things to come into your life good or bad. Each time you log onto Social Media you are giving those News Feeds Permission to come into your life and sometimes your Heart. If you are not taking this decision seriously then you need to start. You are at a social event and each time you are introduced to someone you have to grant them certain Permissions to take the conversations further. Whether you like it or not life is full of random based decisions, invitations, and permissions. Some good some not so good, but the key is you have complete Control. I like to use the "Earned Not Given" method.

I first have to entertain the invitation. Will this invitation move me in the direction I have decided to go, will it allow the proper influences to enter my life and help propel and move me forward. Do they have the capacity to Earn my Attention!! If I get a NO to any of these questions then Permission is never Given or Granted. Your growth and potential is to important to take lightly. Your time on Earth is limited and time is to valuable to waste on Futile non-essentials that do not move you in the direction you want to go. You can get nudged off course with the subtle of notions or comments and you will not even notice until you wake up and say "How Did I Get Here". Earned Not Given, Permission Has To Be Earned and Granted. You have to be willing to say "Permission Granted".

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