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What Have You Missed

As we move into the final months of this year 2017 this is an important question to ask ourselves, "What Have We Missed"?

In my early years, I were travel through my days saying "Well There Is Always Next Year". Looking back on that philosophy I realized what a tragic mistake that was, and I have tried to instill in others "Do Not Wait", life is a precious gift and do not risk missing anything. We become so focused on our JOB's and Stuff that life and others throw our way and when you sit back can you really remember what was so important about that. NO!!

One of my Mentors brought this home to me. He has been an individual so Obsessed with Success and gaining that next goal or that next Thing. He is on the beach in the Southern end of California and he sees these houses on the Cliffs, and he is telling his Wife look at those houses why do I now have one of those yet, what do I need to do to get one of those, I guess I need to work more, and harder, He was driving himself himself into an obsession regarding these homes when all of a sudden his wife squeezed his hand a said, Honey look at this Sunset is it beautiful? At that very moment life changed for this Obsessed Entrepreneur. You see his Wife was not even paying attention to the Homes but was watching the Sunset and it dawned n him that he would have missed this if not for his Wife re-directing his attention at what was more important. Each Sunset is Different, No Two are same and he almost missed this moment with his Wife because he was Obsessed with a Material aspect that would still be there tomorrow instead of this once in a life time Sunset with his Wife.

These past couple of weeks I have been traveling around the Wine Country where I live and I have been focusing more on taking in all my surroundings instead of just driving by and taking it for granted. My question to you is this? What are you taking for Granted right now. Before this year comes to end try and focus on what is most important in your life. You can not re-visit Tomorrow....Best to take it all in today before you live a Life of Regret instead of a Life of Reward....

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