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Rule Your Kingdom

Over the years I have studied and learned so much about what it is to LEAD. For many years I worked in structured work places starting from my time in Law Enforcement and beyond.

People always looked at the Command Structure and we all thought they were Leaders but how wrong I was. You see my friends Command Structures such as this simply follow a "Playbook or Manual" They are trained to Manage the process but follow a certain set of guidelines. So I respected the fact they worked their way up the chain of command, but I can honestly look back as say I saw Good Managers but I did not see any real Leadership.

When I went into the Private Sector and to this day I am now exposed to What Real Leadership is. Leadership starts with an idea, product or service, developing that product or idea into an opportunity where you can bring people out from where they are and move them into Leadership Roles themselves. There is no Real Playbook or Manual, but Leadership Minds coming together in a Collaborative Effort to develop more Leaders and more Collaborative ideas and bring them to the table.

When I use the Term "Rule Your Kingdom" I am not describing some place you go to everyday to Rule over others. NO what I am describing is the Rule Over Your Own Mind where you can Build upon what you already have and bring others with you and develop them as well. The companies and opportunities that will be left standing in the future will not be how many Managers they have or the size of their Play Book but, How Many Leaders They Develop!!! Freedom comes from Leadership not Following or being Managed. Break Out and decide to Lead and it starts with YOU!! #BeTheException

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