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Push Or Move Forward

How do you go about your day? Opps, did I cause you to visit something that may be a little uncomfortable?

If you have not asked yourself this question, then today would be a good day to start because chances are someone is asking, they are right behind you to move past you and "Break The Tape". In a track and field race if the leader looks over his/her shoulder for just one second to check the rest of the field they could loose by 1/10 of a second, that is the difference between Breaking The Tape or finishing Second.

The same is true in Life. Things are going well you Move throughout your day doing the same things everyday. What you do not know is someone is causing a Disruption. Someone is saying there has to be a better way and they are laying out plans to Push the needle forward and if you are Moving forward instead of Pushing forward yourself then you may be a victim to the disruption. No longer is Life about just Getting Through day. Today's younger work force wants it NOW, Faster, Newer, Better than before and they are relentless in that pursuit. What got you to where you are today is that Push you made to set your own path to move that needle forward but now is not the time to take your foot off the Gas.

It is time to get the creative juices going again. Disrupt yourself before someone does it for you. Set your own Race, Push Forward, Do Not Look Back and "Break The Tape" and when you finished that one like any great athlete start training for next race!! They are getting the track ready, strips being painted pathways cleared and The Tape is being stretched across the field. It's a Push Forward not a Movement Forward. Movement is Subtle, Pushing is Disruptive. You have what it takes be Seen Be Heard. Be Mindful and Fully Involved.

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