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You Have To Hoist Anchor

I want to take you to that Moment when you walk up upon a big Cruise Ship or even a Container Ship.

If you live near, or have been near a Port of Call you have seen these ships, big massive, just sitting there in their true to life form. There are two things that hold them in place. The Dock Tie Downs and Huge Anchors deployed to the Ocean Bottom. You may be asking, Bruce what does this have to do with me. Well, it may have everything to do with you. If you are at a place in your life where you do not want to be, or do not know how you got there, or are feeling stuck then this is you.

Maybe you were once in a Toxic relationship and you just can not move past it. You have started a company or signed onto an opportunity but just can not seem to get it off the ground. You are still listening too and or hearing the voices of limited beliefs and you do not understand why. These massive ships as beautiful as they may be are WORTHLESS TIED AND ANCHORED TO THE DOCK. At some point for them to bring value to the Marketplace they have to Set Sail. The Tie Downs need to be removed from the Dock, and they need to Hoist Anchor and get on their way to bring that value. Humans are the same way. 97% never move past what is holding them down or Anchored in one place. You still hear the voices from an Ex or a Family Member, or even people who call you their friend tell you that you are not capable, you should just stay where you are, just settle for what you have, you can not do better, it may not be perfect but at least you have a job, or you have Him, or Her.....STOP THIS INSANITY!!!!

Are you hearing me now, Stop this madness right now. Just like this Massive Majestic Ships you have the opportunity to Get Released, Hoist Anchor and Set Sail for a Better Way. Massive Opportunity is in front of you. A New and Better Job, an Opportunity you recognize that could lead the way, a New Person who recognizes you are the Gift That You Are. None of this Happens until you give the Command to Release the Mental Ropes that Tie you to that Place and Hoist that Anchor and put it in its Rightful place. Like the Captain of any ship you have to Take and Give Command to Let Go and Set Sail...... The Horizon is Broad there is a Beautiful Sunset that awaits you but, you will never experience it or see it Tied and Anchored to the Dock of Limited Belief.

Decide to NOW to become one of the 3% who have the courage to Hoist Anchor and Set Sail into the Ocean of Opportunity, Abundance and Happiness. At end of the day it is your Choice, Stay Where You Are, or Set Sail because the Same Wind Blows on all of Us.

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