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Show Up and Be Present

As you desire to be Successful or more than just desire, No that is not enough. If desire is all it takes we would all be Successful.

There are two defining factors that create a formula for Success and they are undeniable. You have to do these two above all else.

Show Up-each day regardless of how you feel you have to Show Up. If someone tells you the product or service sells itself that is a flat out lie. Sorry if I offended some of you but if you have been told this change the narrative right now. You have to be willing to Show Up and be counted, Show It, Speak It, Share It, and Use It, are the best benchmarks. In normal retail a product does not sell itself. It has to be unpacked and at least displayed so it can at least be seen. If you are not out and about then your product or service has not made it out of the Warehouse. So yes you have to Show Up.

Be Present-You are your product or service no matter what name is on the packaging people will identify the product or service with YOU. If you know someone who works at a Car Dealership lets say the Lexus Dealership and his name is John, when you are ready, you do not say hey I think I am going to go down and buy a Lexus today. No you probably say, you know I need to go talk to "John" about that New Lexus I have been wanting. It is same with your product or service. You have to Be Present.

I firmly believe that if you follow these two basic principals then in the end no matter what people may say or the paths that you encounter you will be able to stand tall and say "There I Will Be". The following video from Your World Within brings it home.

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