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It Takes As Long As It Takes

I was on a Facebook Live earlier today and the presenter was talking about establishing Good Habits.

The epic tone of the point was this. We have become an Impatient Society because of the Instant Gratification. Don't like what's on TV, just grab the remote and push a button and find what you want, push a button on your device and get a ride, oh wait I have to wait 10 minutes for my Ride Share to show up heck cancel it let me find one closer, push another button and be connected to a Social Media page that allows you to rant about your day drawing people into your drama and it goes on and on.

The point to all this....with all the Instant Gratification around we think SUCCESS should be the same way. Why can't we just push a button and get it!!! SUCCESS does not work that way and never will. First Focus on the Good Habits that are going to get you there,and NO you will not find a Button on your phone for that. You have change what you Watch, What You Read, What you Listen To... turn off your Instant Gratification mindset. To learn more about this click image below. and remember It Takes As Long As It Takes.

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