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It's OK To Get Lost

Have you ever felt Lost? have you ever felt that you just do not know where to start, what to do next? Your not alone but I am here to tell you that it is OK.

Your starting a new venture, a new chapter in your life, exploring or starting a new opportunity that you have never done before and you are just not sure. These are times when it is best to Get Lost. Yes I said it just Get Lost. Step outside and explore something new. It can be as simple as going down to a small cafe near by you and just starting up a conversation with a perfect stranger as you never know what you may learn or where it might lead. It might be as simple as getting in the car and taking a drive to the Countryside or if you live near by the Coastal Waters go there. Whenever I need to get motivated or clear my head the Coastal Waters are best. Something about the waves crashing against the sand or rocks. It is like they are talking to me and helping me washing away the clutter.

Sometimes our minds can become so cluttered with the mess that surrounds us that as exciting as that new opportunity or venture is, you are not Prepared to tackle it until you clear your mind of the clutter and re-boot. It all starts with a step outside, a single forward, because if you don't, you might miss the sign that is coming your way. It might be right around the corner and if you do not have your head up, you might miss it. You need to have that Sober Reflection Time of just getting Lost for that one day. Allow your mind to wonder, listen to the wind, the birds, the trees flowing back and forth. Yes I am saying before you can Move Forward sometimes you need to Get Lost First. It all starts with a single step outside with Head Up, Ears and Eyes Wide Open and just Explore. I invite you to click the image below to take a journey with me in the Video that awaits:

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