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You Can't Follow The Crowd And Follow Your Heart

I have a question for you? How are you expecting things to change if you are following the same crowd you were last year?

If you are following that crowd then you are also aligned with their Comfort Zone. Their easy does not have to be You!! If you desire change then it starts with YOU and I know you have heard this before but until you Decide you will remain where you are. Decide to Break Free of the Crowd and it can all change for you. There comes a day when you have to Slam On The Breaks!!! Like Susan Sly says "If You Want Different Results, You Need To Set New Standards" These words ring in my head everyday and they should for you to. If you are reading this Blog then that already means the Seed is staring to take Root about you wanting change.

Now it is time to nurture that seed and let take hold of you, and shake you to your core. You have two gifts, The Spiritual gift of that Dream that was placed in your Heart, and an Opportunity that will help that Dream and Seed take Root and Grow beyond your wildest Dreams. Tomorrow is a New Day and it starts with a single step Left or Right and then another forward to break away from the Crowd that has you Going Now Where. Do I have your Permission to be Bold for a Minute? The Same Is Boring!!! and it sucks breath and life out of you everyday. It is time to Stand Up and Say No more, No More Same For Me. It is Time To Turn Your Back On What Was and Look Ahead To What Will Be!!

Below is a picture that describes it best and if you click on that photo a video will play that highlights what I am saying. NOW LETS GO!!

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