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I am In Pursuit!!!

When I was in Law Enforcement noting would get your Adrenaline going than to hear "I AM IN PURSUIT broadcast over the radio in your squad car or motorcycle. A fellow Officer is in a High Speed Pursuit and now its ON!!!

Officer's rushing to the aid be to part of it, to help a fellow Officer, to restore safety as quick as possible to public. The Adrenaline Rush is like nothing you could ever feel. Whether you were the Officer who initiated the Pursuit or were assisting a fellow Officer the Words PURSUIT lit a fire in us that caused us to Take Action! That was then and this is Now but I am still in PURSUIT!!!

I use this method and this analogy to drive me everyday to Become Better, To Bring People up to New and Exciting Standards, to show them what is Possible if they will just Call In The Pursuit. The Pursuit of Happiness, the Pursuit of a Better Way for them and their Family. Everyday I call in a PURSUIT!! and I do not give up until I have at least shared my passion for a Better Way with at least 2 or more people. They become my fellow Officers and my fellow Champions who are all in PURSUIT. There is not better time than now to Get Behind the Wheel or Saddle up your Bike and come join the PURSUIT!!

You can stand on the sidelines if you want but that leads to now where. You can engage and join a movement of People just like you who are in search of a Better Way and are willing to GO INTO PURSUIT to achieve it. Spectators Wish They Had, Players are Glad They Did. It is time break out of what has you Stuck and Beat Down and Call In Your Own PURSUIT because when we hear the call go out Fellow Champions like me are coming to assist. Enjoy this short video and let's Call In That Pursuit. Let's Go Capture Your Dreams!!!

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