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Are You Living Or Just Racing

So many times I hear people say they "Live For The Weekend". My question would be what about the other Five Days?

If you just "Live For The Weekends" that means you are only really living 8 days a month!! 8 out of 30 days!!! you are Living the rest you are just Racing. How sad that it is, that we get locked into these pyrimidines where we think that this is the best it is going to be. Race in the Rat Race for 5 days only to Live for the Weekends and then Dread Sunday evenings knowing that you have to get up on Monday and do it all over again. When I put it this way you are only really living 1.5 days of the Weekend because the late afternoon and evening we tend to start letting our minds think about Monday morning and what we hate going to.

We lock ourselves into these bubbles where we are working for a paycheck, building up hours so our employer can give us pre-determined vacation time and then when we are on vacation are we really on vacation, or are we checking in, checking e-mail, talking to our office, getting on conference calls because we feel the need to check in. Perhaps I have hit a nerve here and that is good. When do we really get away!!! and rest, recover and enjoy all that life has to offer. The answer Most Don't!!!

If we decide to say enough is enough we are called Crazy, that's Not Possible, You are headed done the wrong path. Why would you want to go towards the unknown instead of playing it safe right here? The answer, Because you decided to Live instead of Race, because you want to Breathe and take in all the colors and majestic beauty around you. Life is not about a Race it is about Living. Race if you wish but once you get to the Top you may find it very lonely there because of all you missed along the way. Call me Crazy if you wish but I wear that Like a Badge of Honor and at the end of the week I have been able to Live out all 7 days not just 1.5. Click Below for special short video. Decide to #BeTheException

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